Willow Beats 🎶

On Thursday night I attended the Oxford Art Factory (Darlinghurst) to see Willow Beats perform their last show 😢.

This incredible Northern Rivers/Melbourne duo have been creating unique beats for 7 years. Click on the mermaid 🧜‍♀️ to listen to the song that splashed them into the spotlight. One thing for certain is everything they do is special

I said to Kaylani that their last show was my favourite live performance. It’s hard to explain to you through a blog just how much joy I experienced on Thursday night, but I will try…

Willow Beats genuine passion for music, the environment, and life channels across the stage to you. They have a real natural presence that kept us captivated even during some minor technical difficulties. It’s so refreshing to see some true talent.

We danced non-stop and had a great time! Thank you Kaylani and Narayana.

I look forward to watching your individual music journeys. Darlo girl will always be dancing to Willow Beats. That’s all folks. 💃🏻

Xoxo darlo girl