Willow Beats 🎶

On Thursday night I attended the Oxford Art Factory (Darlinghurst) to see Willow Beats perform their last show 😢.

This incredible Northern Rivers/Melbourne duo have been creating unique beats for 7 years. Click on the mermaid 🧜‍♀️ to listen to the song that splashed them into the spotlight. One thing for certain is everything they do is special

I said to Kaylani that their last show was my favourite live performance. It’s hard to explain to you through a blog just how much joy I experienced on Thursday night, but I will try…

Willow Beats genuine passion for music, the environment, and life channels across the stage to you. They have a real natural presence that kept us captivated even during some minor technical difficulties. It’s so refreshing to see some true talent.

We danced non-stop and had a great time! Thank you Kaylani and Narayana.

I look forward to watching your individual music journeys. Darlo girl will always be dancing to Willow Beats. That’s all folks. 💃🏻

Xoxo darlo girl


Darlo Dogs 🐶

Dogs got personality. Personality goes a long way.”

I’m still yet to visit Darlo Dogs during opening hours, but I consider myself to be their number one fan. The owner Dee has created a puppy haven at 191 William Street, Darlinghurst. Take a look for yourself by shaking the paw: 🐾

One thing for certain is I’ve never seen so many happy pooches in my life! A testimony to Dee’s passion for dogs.

Darlo Dogs is open Monday-Friday 7:30am to 6:30pm. It offers the following 3 services:

  1. Play: doggy daycare where your pooch can socialise with other dogs and participate in stimulating games.
  2. Style: pamper session with a grooming package including a wash, dry and FFB (Feet, Face, Bottom).
  3. Treat: 100% natural real food.

If you grew up with a dog, but don’t have the space for one now — Darlo Dogs’ Instagram page is guaranteed to brighten up your day ☀️. I check it out daily for my cuteness fix! Give them a follow and remember to tell all of your friends that do own a pup, to book an adventure to Darlo Dogs ASAP.

Until next time folks, look at these darling Darlo Dogs…

Xoxo darlo girl


Where art thou Darlo man? 💌📮

I didn’t have time to drop by a favourite local spot this week. I have an interview with one of the shop owners scheduled for next Saturday. I’ll leave the content a surprise! Are you intrigued? You should be. All good things are worth waiting for…

At least that’s what I keep telling myself. How hard is it to meet a nice man these days?! I’m grateful for the advancement of technology, but at the same time I wonder if it has made it difficult for some of us to experience the magic of the old fashioned courtship. ✨

Begone the days of letter writing and dance cards. At this very moment, I’m listening to a young man on a public train 🚂 outline his motivations to attend SEXPO. What a charmer!

I’ll admit I watch a lot of old world romance films — that’s clear from my earlier blogs. But surely there must be someone out there like me, who appreciates the same things that our grandparents did?

I think a letter/phone call means so much more than an instant text message/email. Anything that requires additional time or effort is undoubtedly more beautiful. After all, time is the most precious gift that you can give another person because you can’t get it back.

To all the singles out there don’t lower your standards! Something magical will happen when you least expect it.

Until then, keep dating and hoping.

Xoxo darlo girl

Did you know Baz Luhrmann use to live on my street? 💘

Shadows and Dust

One thing that many people don’t know about me is that one of my first paid jobs was in an antique shop. Not one as beautiful as our Dust here in Darlinghurst, but nonetheless a room full of trinkets, treasures and curiosities from yesteryear.

Dust is located at shop 28/381 Liverpool Street, Darlinghurst. Before you step inside this old brick corner shop, please stop to appreciate the two magnificent window displays! They’re a work of art in themselves. The owner Stephane has been putting them together for 19 years. I have captured some of my favourite displays including relics from South East Asia, vintage hats, vases and lamps.

After a busy day at work, I like to stand outside the Dust displays at night-time. The shop’s subtle lighting heightens the beauty of each individual piece and creates a certain mystique which is intriguing. I can’t help but wonder where these items have come from and, if they were able to speak, imagine the stories they could tell — each piece a witness in time as the years have gone by.

On my work desk sits a little trinket I found in Dust — a Murano glass paperweight that reminds me of the beautiful suburb I call home and the country that stole my heart. Dust has something for everyone. As Broadsheet Sydney said:

“Dust is the kind of place that makes that one off genie-in-the-lamp type discovery seem all the more likely.”

If you don’t have time to drop by during the week like me, Dust is always open on the weekend from 11am onwards.

As Horace and Maximus wisely said: “We are but dust and shadow.” This little shop brings back to life the objects from different eras and makes you crave a story from your grandparents.

Make sure to check out Dust. I bet you love it as much as I do! That’s all folks.

Xoxo darlo girl

Spot the rubber 🦆

WANTED! You! Dead or Alive

The Darlinghurst Courthouse was completed in 1880. According to Sydney Intelligence on 18 March 1842, the Courthouse was: “decidedly the most elaborate architectural erection in the Australian colonies.” This is confirmed by the fact that it is the only old colonial Grecian public building left in Australia. Forget Sicily and the Valley of the Temples! Our gangs and bushrangers give the Mafia a run for their money. 💰

The walls of the Darlinghurst Courthouse have witnessed the trials and tribulations of many crooks, wranglers and the like. One of considerable interest to me is Frank Gardiner. His rugged looks would make any gal want to be arrested! Here he is most wanted and on trial at the Darlinghurst Courthouse:

Frank enjoyed stealing multiple horses and cattle in his spare time, escaping gaol, and digging for gold and/or robbing gold escorts.

Whilst minding his own business (bushranging) in the Sunshine State from 1863-1864, Frank was apprehended in controversial circumstances by New South Wales police operating outside of their jurisdiction. He was sentenced to 32 years of hard labour. However, his two dearly beloved sisters ensured his early release (after 10 years) through their perseverance with appeals to the Court. Girl power! 💥

Frank’s early release was conditional upon him leaving the country. In late 1874 Frank left the land down under for a new life in sunny California.

He was one of the lucky ones.

Seventy-six prisoners were sentenced to the gallows.

If you are interested in a tour of the Darlinghurst Gaol please see the National Art School website hyperlink below:

Darlinghurst Gaol Tour

Until next time, stay out of trouble folks!

xoxo darlo girl


Frankly Sydney, I don’t give a damn!

Good evening! I’m sorry I haven’t published my historical piece on the Darlinghurst Courthouse yet. It’s in the works.

Instead of blogging, I spent most of my Sunday watching Gone with the Wind. I’m very close to packing my bags just like Rhett Butler did 💨

Darlinghurst, you will always be my little haven. I just wish that the rest of Sydney could be more like you.

Why do we all march to work disconnected and stressed? Why do people walk into each other and not even say sorry? Why do I get a strange look in return if I smile at someone when I’m passing them by?

I have so many questions for you Sydney.

The Oxford dictionary defines “kindness” as: “The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.” Is it really that hard to be those things?

Don’t think about it tomorrow like Scarlett did. I dare you to stop looking at your phone when you’re crossing a road, smile at a stranger and say thank you to your bus driver for getting you home.

You never know what’s going on in someone’s life, and it’s the little things that can make all the difference.

Be kind to each other.

That’s all folks.

xoxo darlo girl

Rhett leaving Scarlett for bigger and better things.

An extract from darlo girl’s court memoirs

They say the way I misprounounce suburb names in the indictments is a gift. Sometimes, people can detect a lilt in my voice, which makes them wonder which part of Australia I come from. But no one can hear the hilarious remarks coming from the bench, “you can tell my associate is not from the south of Sydney!”

The Oxford dictionary defines associate as “a partner or companion in business or at work.” However, I’m not like Mike Ross from Suits, sorry to disappoint you. Instead, I sit behind a small bench in front of a Judge in a courtroom witnessing the daily theatrics and poor acoustics of the criminal justice system. In this position, I am virtually transparent. But, when you feel invisible, there is no end to the trouble you can get into. There is a reason that my nickname comes from the…

(to be continued)

Athena – Greek goddess of justice ❤

Drop by next weekend to read my historical blog on the Darlinghurst Courthouse.