An extract from darlo girl’s court memoirs

They say the way I misprounounce suburb names in the indictments is a gift. Sometimes, people can detect a lilt in my voice, which makes them wonder which part of Australia I come from. But no one can hear the hilarious remarks coming from the bench, “you can tell my associate is not from the south of Sydney!”

The Oxford dictionary defines associate as “a partner or companion in business or at work.” However, I’m not like Mike Ross from Suits, sorry to disappoint you. Instead, I sit behind a small bench in front of a Judge in a courtroom witnessing the daily theatrics and poor acoustics of the criminal justice system. In this position, I am virtually transparent. But, when you feel invisible, there is no end to the trouble you can get into. There is a reason that my nickname comes from the…

(to be continued)

Athena – Greek goddess of justice ❤

Drop by next weekend to read my historical blog on the Darlinghurst Courthouse.

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